Astrology: Flying your Kite (Aspect Patterns)

So looking at my birth-chart, I have a kite.  Well, according to traditional astrology anyway and not Magi Astrology.  In fact, it looks like I have 2 kites.  My chart is here, so you can see it. I am not sure its a tight kite or whether the angles are even given kite...

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Oh South Node in Aries, won’t you let me love?

For the last few months, my head has not been in a good place.   I've turned into a bit of a recluse.  And not for the first time.  I use the time to retreat, to recharge, regroup, regather my thoughts and process them and rethink everything over and over.  I do this...

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WDS – A Place For Sore Thumbs.

It's nice that I have actually crossed something off my bucket list. And what a way to start. I was in San Diego for conferences, networking, friends and fun times, but this trip was all about this World Domination Summit. Ever since I read Chris Guillebeau's "The Art...

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Blog Merger

Hi.  So yeah, I have merged 3 of my blogs into this one new one. Why? Because I am spreading myself thin and making too much work for myself which is not the way I need to go about conducting myself. Lack Of...

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First Steps to Becoming Location Independant

Apologies for the lack of blog posts.  Its been a long time overdue. It's been quite a busy and hectic period of weeks since my last post.   I went on Holiday and it was my mothers 60th birthday as well and then September will end with a flurry of social events. ...

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Outta Here In A Year

So finalising all of my thoughts over the last month has been fun and it is time to put some concrete plans and time scales in place. When I was backpacking in 2004, I spent 2 months sleeping on my friends couch in San Diego, whilst I tried to get some assemblance to...

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Mid 30’s MidLife Crisis

Hello I'm Terry and its my birthday today. I'm 35. And I am having a mid 30's midlife crisis The (il)logical thing to do is to start a blog right? I've literally been sat in bed for 2 hrs looking at the ceiling and looking at all areas of my life and I think, if I am...

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What Did I Give Up For Lent 2012

Well, Lent has passed for another year. And I made it through the other side.   Lets see how I did.... Giving up meat, chicken and fish (I managed this) Facebook (I failed this) Dating Sites (I failed this) Chocolate & Sweets (I managed this) Crisps (I failed this)...

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Giving Up For Lent 2012

So yeah, last post was a bit doomy and gloomy and thought I am somewhat still in a similar state, it makes sense to be optimistic.  Lent is here again So, what are you giving up for lent in 2012? Well, I am going to give up the following Giving up meat, chicken and...

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2012 New Years Resolutions

So, another year has turned up. And After effectively taking a year out of this blog, I return to it like long, relative returns from their travels. I have big plans for this year. As always, they fall into the same categories as before. I guess this keys to this year...

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